Escondido Public Library 2019

Escondido Public Library 2019

Now that the election is over and new leaders are installed, Escondido Indivisible, along with many other organizations and individuals in Escondido, will be working to restore our public library to public control as part of the Save Our Escondido Library Coalition. Please review the letters and action alerts. We will post as many of the reference materials here as we can.

8Jan2019 Letter on the problems with the LS&S contract and recommendations moving forward with the library.

7Jan2019 Letter on the deficiencies of the LS&S Strategic Plan

LS&S Strategic Plan the subject of the comment letter

Letter requesting meeting on the library A version was sent to all Council members.

Exhibits from the lawsuit challenging operation and management of our public library by a private vendor. The resolution and the signed contract are exhibit 1 and 2. We could not find a signed copy on the city’s website.

May 2018 Article about Jackson County contract

Letter to SOEL from Jackson County outlining issues with LS&S there.

Santa Clarita staff report ending the LS&S contract there.

San Diego Union Tribune January 2018 article

If you would like to be on a library specific list serve, go here to sign up.

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