General Election 2022

General Election 2022

San Diego County of Registrar and other county registrars are still counting votes for the 2022 General Election, and many of the local races remain tight with a 70 to 750 votes difference. The next expected update from the SDC registrar is November 13, 2022, 5:00 p.m., and full results are expected by December 8, 2022.

Updated on November 20, 2022: The San Diego County of Registrar has finished tallying votes, are currently working to cure ~11,000 votes and are expected to certify results on December 8th.

Below are current results of some federal, state, county and municipal races affecting Escondido.


Escondido was redistricted earlier this year, and the districts are different as illustrated in the maps below.

Escondido (2013 – 2022) Escondido (2023)
Escondido City District Map 2018 Escondido City District Map 2022

Voter turnout for Escondido this election currently stands at ~50% (38,200 ballot cast) versus 65% (44,344 ballot cast) in 2018.

Midterm Election 2006 2010 2014 2018 2022
Registered Voters 49,192 54,048 59,942 67,979 76,544
Ballot Cast 29,274 34,279 28,687 44,344 38,200
% of Turnout 59.51% 63.42% 47.86% 65.23% 49.91%
Presidential Election 2004 2008 2012 2016 2020
Registered Voters 56,601 52,811 59,068 63,019 77,253
Ballot Cast 41,883 44,207 44,112 99,963 52,606
% of Turnout 74.00% 83.71% 74.68% 158.62% 68.10%

On the city offices, Dana White (Republican), who is son-in-law of Councilmember Morasco (R), has declared winner for Mayor of Escondido with a 3.2% lead (1,142 votes), and Councilmember Garcia (R) will likely win Escondido District 2 with a 2.2% lead (271 votes). With Councilmember Garcia being elected to District 2, the City Council will likely appoint a candidate to District 3. This means the City Council will likely return to a 4-1 Republican majority with Councilmember Martinez being the lone Democrat.

Measure E to raise the sales tax by ¾ cent also will likely fail by a 1.3% point margin (460 votes), and so the city’s ~$8.5 million deficit budget will continue to loom. In the past when a Republican-majority City Council sought “cost-saving measures” or to “balance the budget”, they outsourced the city public library operations to an out-of-state private company, Library Systems and Services, and closed the East Public Library Branch when these programs are a small percentage of our budget. And the upcoming Republican-majority City Council’s solutions to addressing homelessness is to overpolice instead of investing in community-based services such as creating a Safe Parking Program similar to Encinitas and a Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement similar to La Mesa to address the immediate needs of the community.


Challenger Dane White (R) has declared winner for Mayor of Escondido with a 3.2% lead (1,142 votes) against incumbent Mayor Mac McNamara (D). Dane White is son-in-law of Councilmember Mike Morasco who has been a Councilmember since 2012.

During his tenure, Councilmember Morasco approved to close Escondido East Valley Public Branch Library in 2011 and to outsource public library operations of Escondido Public Library to an out-of-state company, Library Systems and Services, in 2017. He also approved undoing of Escondido campaign finance reforms to benefit his and his party campaigns in 2021, including his son-in-law Dane White in his campaign for Mayor.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Dane M. White Rep 18,231 51.6%
Paul “Mac” McNamara Dem 17,089 48.4%
Total Counted 35,320 100.0%
Votes Difference 1,142 3.2%

Mayor McNamara had won in 2018, beating the then-Mayor Sam Abed (Republican) by 4% (1,544) of the votes: McNamara had 51.57% (21,183) while Abed had 47.81% (19,639).

Mayor 2010 2014 2018
Sam Abed (Rep) 11,743 37.80% 16,244 59.04% 21,183 51.57%
Challenger 9,811 31.58% 9,699 35.29% 19,639 47.81%
Challenger 7,330 23.59% 1,509 5.49% N/A N/A
Write-in 2,132 6.96% N/A N/A 105 0.62%
Total Votes 31,068 27,482 41,181
Differential (1st vs. 2nd) 1,932 6.22% 6,545 23.75% 1,544 4%

District 1

Councilmember Consuelo Martinez (D) won re-election for a 2nd term but in a newly redistricted District 1. In 2014, Councilmember Martinez lost to then Councilmember Ed Gallo (R) by 69 votes (1.1% point) but then went to won her first term in 2018 by 1,720 votes (30.4%). This election, the results trend similar.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Consuelo Martinez Dem 3,117 67.3%
Mike Johnson-Palomares Rep 1,516 32.7%
Total Counted 4,633 100.0%
Votes Difference 1,601 34.6%

Of former Councilmember Ed Gallo, he had been the Councilmember of District 1 from 2001-2018 for 4 four-years terms (2000, 2004, 2010, 2014). He was part of the then-city council majority of that:

He also approved in 2017 a water treatment plant location in his district directly adjacent to residential areas.

City Council D01 2014 2018
Ed Gallo (Rep) 1,664 50.98% 1,972 34.82%
Consuelo Martinez (Dem) 1,595 49.89% 3,692 65.18%
Total Votes 3,264 5,676
Differential (1st vs. 2nd) 69 1.09% 1,720 30.36%

District 2

Councilmember Joe Garcia (R) leads by 271 votes (2.2% point) against retired firefight Jeff Griffith (D). Councilmember Garcia currently represents District 3 in the City Council but due to redistricting, he will no longer qualify for District 3 next election and decided to run for District 2 in this election.

During his tenure, Councilmember Garcia approved to undo of Escondido campaign finance reforms to benefit his and his party campaigns in 2021. He also violated state law by using photo of himself in police uniform in his 2022 election campaign.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Joe Garcia Dem 5,059 51.2%
Jeff Griffith Rep 4,815 48.8%
Total Counted 9,874 100.0%
Votes Difference 244 2.5%

District 2 is currently represented by Councilmember Tina Inscoe (R) who was elected during a special election in 2020 after the City Council was unable to nominate and confirm an appointment to replace the then Councilmember John Masson (R) who passed away in 2020 from cancer.

Former Councilmember Masson himself was appointed to the City Council when the then Councilmember Marie Waldron was elected to the State Assembly in 2012.

City Council D02 2014 2018 2020
Republican 4,036 48.83% 5,899 50.29% 6,638 37.83%
Democrat 1,958 23.69% 4,529 38.61% 6,033 34.38%
Challenger 1,335 16.15% 1,302 11.10% 4,875 27.78%
Challenger 905 10.95% N/A N/A N/A N/A
Write-in N/A N/A 22 0.30% N/A N/A
Total Votes 8,266 8,659 17,546
Differential (1st vs. 2nd) 2,078 25.14% 1,370 11.64% 605 3.45%

Measure E – 3/4 Cent Sales Tax

No for Measure E to increase Escondido’s Sales Tax by 3/4 cent leads by 460 votes (1.3%).

Approval Total Votes Percentage
No 18,511 50.6%
Yes 18,051 49.4%
Total Counted 36,562 100.00%
Votes Difference 460 1.3%

Measure F – Term Limits

Voters approved Measure F to set terms for Escondido elected officials: a lifetime limit of three terms on the city council and a two-term limit for the mayor’s office.

Approval Total Votes Percentage
Yes 29,570 82.7%
No 6,188 17.3%
Total Counted 35,758 100.0%
Votes Difference 23,382 65.4%

Measure G – Reduce City Treasurer Compensation

Voters approved Measure G to change the treasurer’s position from elected to appointed and their compensation to match the city council’s compensation.

Approval Total Votes Percentage
Yes 29,389 83.1%
No 5,959 16.9%
Total Counted 35,348 100.00%
Votes Difference 23,430 66.3%

San Diego County Board of Supervisors

During restricting earlier this year, Escondido was redistricted from District 3 to District 5.

District 3 (2013 – 2022) District 5 (2023)
Supervisorial San Diego County Map

District 5

Supervisor Jim Desmond (R) won re-election for a second term but in a newly redistricted District 5 which now includes Escondido. Supervisor Desmond spread and amplified misinformation about COVID-19. 5,543 San Diegans (Rest in Peace) have died from COVID-19, 35,721 have been hospitalized by the disease and thousands are dealing with potential long-term health implications from contracting it. He also expressed discriminatory views against Lantinx and Spanish-speaking residents needing Spanish interpretations and translations.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Jim Desmond Rep 109,881 60.2%
Tiffany Boyd Hodgson Dem 72,750 39.8%
Total Counted 182,631 100.0%
Votes Difference 37,131 20.3%

California State Assembly

During restricting earlier this year, Escondido was redistricted from District 75 to District 76.

District 75 (2013 – 2022) District 76 (2023)
California State Assembly District 75 California State Assembly District San Diego

District 76

Assembleymember Brian Maienschein (D) leads by 4,759 votes (3.1% point) in a newly redistricted District 76 which now includes Escondido. Assembleymember Maienschein changed party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in 2019 due to:

“Donald Trump has led the Republican party to the extreme on issues that divide our country. But its leadership is not the only reason for changing my party affiliation,” Maienschein said, citing his support for gay rights, abortion access, organized labor, gun control and immigration. – Still more evidence of the GOP collapse in California: A legislator switches parties, January 24, 2019

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Brian Maienschein Dem 78,371 51.6%
Kristie Bruce-Lane Rep 73,612 48.4%
Total Counted 151,983 100.0%
Votes Difference 4,759 3.1%

California State Senate

During restricting earlier this year, Escondido was redistricted from District 38 to District 40.

District 38 (2013 – 2022) District 40 (2023)
California State Senate District 38 California State Senate District San Diego

District 40

Senator Brian Jones (R) leads by 20,348 votes (6.4%) and will likely win re-election for a 2nd term but in a newly redistricted District 40 which now includes Escondido. As a public official with responsibilities to the people of California and his district, Senator Jones failed to adopt public safety practices to stop the spread of COVID-19 at the height of the pandemic and encouraged others to do the same. 96,332 Californians (Rest in Peace) have died from COVID-19.

A review of Jones’ social media feeds reveals that he did everything to contract the virus — and to possibly infect others […] On July 4, for example, Jones attended a “freedom feast” at a San Diego church. The event, a protest against California’s ban on indoor church services, included an indoor meal service. Photos on Jones’ Instagram account show him interacting, face to face and without a mask, with an elderly man. In another photo, churchgoers line up at an indoor buffet. Jones is the only person not wearing a mask. – Republican Brian Jones gets coronavirus, shuts CA Senate, August 28, 2020

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Brian W. Jones Rep 169,293 53.2%
Joseph C. Rocha Dem 148,945 46.8%
Total Counted 318,238 100.0%
Votes Difference 20,348 6.4%

U.S. Congressional House

During restricting earlier this year, portion of Escondido was redistricted from District 50 to District 48 and the rest in District 50.

District 50 (2013 – 2022) District 48 & 50 (2023)
California US Congressional District 50 (since 2013) California US Congressional District San Diego

District 48

Representative Darrell Issa (R) won re-election for newly redistricted District 48 which now includes part of Escondido. He was elected to represent District 50 in 2020 though he had lived in the District 49 instead. Previously, he represented District 49 before continued protests forced him to not seek re-election there in 2018.

Representative Issa voted 3 times in 2017 to repeal the Affordable Care Act and approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which failed to pay for itself and resulted in a ballooned & historic deficit.

Representative Issa praised the overturn of Roe vs. Wade and voted no to codify access to contraception and abortion rights into federal law. He also denied the results of the 2020 Election.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Darrell Issa Rep 153,425 60.4%
Stephen Houlahan Dem 100,743 39.6%
Total Counted 254,168 100.0%
Votes Difference 52,682 20.7%

District 50

Representative Scott Peters (D) won re-election for newly redistricted District 50 which now includes part of Escondido.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Scott Peters Dem 167,729 62.8%
Corey Gustafson Rep 99,323 37.2%
Total Counted 267,052 100.0%
Votes Difference 68,406 25.6%

U.S. Senate

Senator Alex Padilla (D) won election for U.S. Senate.

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Percentage
Alex Padilla Dem 6,319,509 61.4%
Mark P. Meuser Rep 3,965,615 38.6%
Total Counted 10,285,124 100.0%
Votes Difference 2,353,894 22.9%


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