Who We Are

Who We Are

Escondido Indivisible is a grassroots group dedicated to affecting changes in our local community. We strive to take peaceful and focused actions to guard our democracy, and we rise together, indivisible, to actively resist President Trump’s autocratic, discriminatory and radical agenda. We welcome anyone who is willing to stand against authoritarianism and to resist efforts to dismantle our civil liberties, democratic institutions, and social and environmental protections.

Alianza Volume 4 Issue 1: Escondido Indivisible: Embracing Progressive Values
Escondido Indivisible: Embracing Progressive Values

Teach-in of Indivisible Guide and Escondido Indivisible

Our mission statement is located here, and the above teach-in video provides the contexts in which we operate. If you like to join our group, please subscribe below to our newsletter at Buttondown where we sent our weekly action plans along with other group communications.

We can be found at the accounts below. Note that for all our communications, linking or re-posting does not equal endorsement.

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