Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Logo by Team 4014 Top Hat
Logo by Team 4014 Top Hat

Who We Are

Escondido Indivisible is a grassroots group of like-minded neighbors, friends, and residents dedicated to affecting changes in our local community. We strive to take peaceful and focused actions to guard our democracy, and we rise together, indivisible, to actively resist President Trump’s autocratic, discriminatory and radical agenda.

We are devoted on local organizing, and our goal is to delay or defeat any policy that harms our local community, or to significantly improve those policies to counter any harm on our local community.

We welcome anyone who is willing to stand against authoritarianism and to resist efforts to dismantle our civil liberties, democratic institutions, and social and environmental protections.

We welcome you, regardless of your ability level, age, citizenship status, culture, ethnicity, family structure, gender identity or expression, national origin, neurotype, race, religion, size, sexual orientation, political affiliation or party, or who you voted for in the last election.

What We Care About

We stand indivisible to advocate on local and congressional issues that embrace progressive values and to hold our elected officials accountable to those values.

We stand indivisible to protect the vulnerable and to embody the principles of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and fairness.

We stand indivisible to protect our earth and stop climate change. We stand indivisible to uphold and defend civil and human rights and liberties.

We recognize that some of us will be more harmed by the Trump administration than others, particularly people of color, immigrants, the disabled, the LGBT+ community, women, and especially those whose identities intersect across groups. We believe in educating ourselves, listening, and working to act in solidarity as both allies and activists.

We will engage, and encourage other to engage, on local, state, and national issues. We will engage on issues that will have an impact on our Escondido region. Where possible, we will support solutions and candidates that embody and reflect our values.

How We Work

We are dedicated to peaceful, nonviolent resistance and will work for social change consistent with our values. We are focused on civic and community engagement rather than policymaking, and we encourage all members to continue their efforts in other arenas and on other issues to provide a positive policy alternative to the Trump agenda. Within this group, we will focus on the elected officials and issues that affect our Escondido community.

Although understanding the process by which we arrived at our current political situation will be important in ensuring we don’t repeat our mistakes, this group is organized around resistance and action, not arguments or the assigning of blame.

We do not and will never advocate violence to achieve any of our political goals. Although in-person protest, direct action, and civil disobedience are important tools for resistance, we firmly reject violence in any form.

We strongly believe in the principle of free speech, but we reject bigotry in all forms and will not tolerate hate speech or harassment.

Mindful that healthy democracies are grown from the grassroots, we will seek to strengthen our social bonds, protect each other, defend dignity, and build our community.

Together, we will try to help our elected leaders do what is best for our community and to encourage them to defend our American values of tolerance, inclusiveness, kindness, economic justice, respect for our environment, and human rights, among others.