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Library Board of Trustees Meeting
July 11, 2017

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Founded by Librarians
20+ years of experience running libraries
A partnership approach with community groups and
local governments
Keeping libraries relevant with best practices in
technology, strategy and operations
We are the 3rd largest library
system in the United States with
83 branches and over 1000

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It’s Your Library –
Local Community Control
We align library services with the City’s
Mission and Strategic Vision and take
direction from City Leadership and Library
Board of Trustees.
The assets of the library remain in control
and the property of the citizens.
Local jobs and tax dollars

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Community Focused
We are an operational partner focused on
providing effective and efficient library
service to meet the personal, professional
and lifelong learning needs of local
We stay closely connected with
community stakeholders and residents
including Friends, volunteers and
community organizations.

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We know your community cares about the
Ensure staff can be front & center with
library patrons.
Bring additional value from national
Centralized/Shared Business Functions
Process Streamlining
Shared Knowledge and Resources
Library Is Heart Of Community

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Vibrant & Well Loved Collection
Collection Support
Custom crafted
materials selection
and ongoing
Automated book
ordering and

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Community Engagement
Work closely with volunteers and
Friends of the Libraries
Provide board training and
Align with community initiatives:
K-12 advanced education
Economic and workforce
Rotary, Boys & Girls Club,
Chamber of Commerce and

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Grant Expertise
Riverside County Library
System awarded $50,000+ to
create a Rivco Maker in Motion,
a mobile tech lab equipped with
maker kits and cutting-edge
Camarillo, Moorpark, Shasta
County awarded Virtual Reality
Experience Grants including
VR-enabled computer system
with an Oculus Rift headset

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New Library Construction /
Major Remodeling initiatives

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Working Together
We intend to offer jobs to all existing staff
at the same level of pay
Offer exceptional benefits and
opportunities for continuing professional
development, advancement and career
growth throughout all LS&S libraries.
Opportunities to work with peers across the

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What Our Customers Say….
“LS&S brought a national perspective to the management
of our system, but it also maintained our local spirit. The
company kept many of the personnel that were former
county employees, and advocated for a partnership under
which the governing board of county commissioners
retained responsibility for policy development, planning,
and services approval.”
- Bradley Arnold, County Administrator, Sumter County,
“Library Systems & Services engineered much of our
turnaround because of its expertise in managing
collections, technology, staffing, outreach and grant
funding. Results speak for themselves: the Redding
branch operates at 60+ hours a week, while the city could
only run it at 40 hours and for more budget.”
- Peggy O’Lea, Executive Director, Shasta Library
Foundation, California

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